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Introduction to Excavator sprocket.


Generally speaking, an excavator is used as a construction heavy equipment for excavating sand, rocks, or for sand loading operations, and the like. Excavators can be divided into track type and wheel type. In particular, a crawler-type excavator has a wider surface in contact with the ground than a wheel-type excavator, and can work in wetlands, dangerous places, or the like.

The crawler type excavator forms a crawler belt by connecting a plurality of links with a connecting pin, and the crawler belt is rotated by the meshing of the connecting pin of the crawler belt with a sprocket formed with a tooth shape.

When excavating sand or rocks with such a crawler-type excavator, foreign objects such as sand or stones are inserted into the sprocket tooth grooves and prevent the tooth profile of the sprocket from meshing with the connecting pin.

Furthermore, when such foreign matter accumulates on one surface of the sprocket tooth groove or the tooth shape, a part of the tooth shape formed at a constant pitch interval is thickened. Therefore, when the connecting pin meshes with the teeth of the sprocket, the tooth pitch is different due to the insertion of foreign matter, and there is a problem that the sprocket is damaged.