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The function and requirements of Track roller.


The track roller is used to support the weight of the tractor, while rolling on the track (rail link) or track shoe surface of the track, and it is also used to limit the track to prevent lateral slippage. The rollers force the track to slip on the ground when the tractor turns.

The rollers are often in mud, water and dust, and bear strong impact, so it is required to have reliable sealing and wear-resistant rims.

The function of the rollers is to transmit the weight of the locomotive group to the ground and roll on the track. In order to prevent derailment, the rollers should also be able to prevent the track from moving relative to it laterally.

The rollers often work in muddy water, sand and sand, and bear strong impact. The working conditions are extremely bad, and the rim is easy to wear.

The requirements for the roller are: wear-resistant rim, reliable bearing seal, low rolling resistance, etc.